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Education Focused, The Kyle Group places a priority on CME for local , regional and national emergency physician audiences. Since 1993 the annual Current Concepts in Emergency Care conference remains a high impact opportunity in a great location – Maui, Hawaii. Dr Kyle has provided education in a wide variety of topics, introducing paradigm shifts in sports concussion management, little league sudden death with cardiac concussion, female athlete injury diagnosis and awareness of knee ACL epidemic, bone health medicine, saving brains in small town USA, capnography in rural emergency departments, and sentinel seizure awareness in athlete SCA. Stroke care and post cardiac arrest therapeutic hypothermia lectures have been emphasized in recent regional presentations.

Several Kyle Group projects are in place with key EMS delivery systems in southern W.V. Dr. Kyle serves as the regional medical director for the WVOEMS http://www.wvoems.org, he is also the squad medical director for STAT EMS, has recently been appointed as the medical director of First Aid Programs for the National Safety Council, and continues to serve as the medical director of the paramedic education program offered at NRCTC. Check out their page for further information: http://www.newriver.edu/lewisburg

The Kyle Group also maintains an active role in medical student education and provides consultation for the WVSOM http://www.wvsom.edu in Lewisburg, WV. Similar to prior involvement with MUSOM in Huntington, WV, TKG is best known for required “EMS ride-along”, “Top 10 medication list”, and “ER nurse toxicology in-service.”

Project driven, TKG maintains a focus on rural ER quality care and emphasis on the single physician coverage challenge of “all alone in the middle of the night” with multiple critical patients. In Emergency Medicine, “the questions remain the same, but the answers keep changing.” Life long learning is the key. The correct answer many times is “it depends.” Evidence based medicine has inherent strength, but the power of 1 (patient) deserves diligence and inclusion of the sixth sense.

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The Kyle Group specializes in education, consultation, and philanthropy related to sports medicine and emergency medicine as well as Emergency Medical Services.

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