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The Kyle Group

The Kyle Group is a female owned, West Virginia business started in 2011 by Barbara Earley Kyle. The Kyle Group focuses on education, consultation and tele-medicine work with specializations in sports medicine,  emergency medicine, and emergency medical services. The Kyle Group is a “project driven and education focused” company that works to prepare and protect  medical and allied healthcare workers for the emergencies they may face through our products and services.


Dr. Jim and Barb Kyle

From the President…

Southern West Virginia is our home. We believe we were called here to serve in some unique way. Our initiative is simple: We recognize the challenges that our southern West Virginia communities face. It is our purpose to discover how we can best serve collectively, make a difference in ways that are of value, and effect positive change.

We are project driven and education focused. Our passionate areas include: emergency and sports medicine. We work to ensure that EMS (Emergency Medical Services) is given every educational opportunity available in order to best meet the challenges they are faced with daily. This same philosophy also applies to our work in sports medicine.

We believe that initiating, seeding and partnering on projects, is the best way to effect positive change.
Our model is of partnership. So, show up, do the next right thing, be part of the solution, not the problem, and do your best work. With knowledge of the grim reality of facts, we believe this is the only way that positive change and success are possible.

–Barbara Kyle

About Us

The Kyle Group specializes in education, consultation, tele-medicine, and philanthropy related to sports medicine and emergency medicine as well as Emergency Medical Services.

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The Kyle Group
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